23.01.2019 - Beyond a Life [SU2]

After prototyping the previous game idea for Beyond a Life it turned out, that it just wasn't really fun. So the last couple of weeks I was working on a new idea and currently am prototyping again though the art style will stay the same. Without spoiling too much, the game will now be a single player coop-like puzzle game. More about that in the future and as promised the Trello Board has been opened.

24.10.18 - Beyond a Life [SU1]

The official reveal for Beyond a Life will happen in November/December 2018. Currently there's a Trello page in the works for everyone to follow the development. As for the project itself, it's coming along okay and most of the main art style is finished, while there's barely any interaction yet despite basic movement.

15.08.18 - Beyond a Life

The new VR game mentioned in earlier News is about to be revealed within the next couple of weeks. Though one thing can be shared just yet, the name: Beyond a Life. It will be available for both Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. There's a different Art-Style compared to Beyond the Split though both may be set in the same universe. How will this match? You'll see, stay tuned!

21.02.18 - VR Game

Beyond the Split is currently on hold due to several events that happened recently. It's not cancelled in any way, it is just that a different project is being worked on that will be revealed soon. It is a VR puzzle game with a similar style but completely different mechanics.

12.10.17 - Progress

The website should soon just be called, once the domain has been registered. Projectwise, Beyond the Split is coming along slowly due to several blueprint programming issues. But until I figure it out I focus a bit on modeling to create some unique items for the game.

06.09.17 - Welcome

Hello and welcome to the new website of Dragonwolf Interactive. While it's still an early work in progress, more content will be added soon. For now you can check out the HOME- and the GAMES-page. Have fun and stay tuned for more.