Beyond the split


Beyond the Split is a sci-fi indie puzzle platformer set around the players ability to switch between dimensions. It is based upon then multiverse theory which states that there is an infinite amount of alternate universes being slightly or even completely distinct from ours. Some of them may have but only simple differences such as man built architecture or environmental outcomes whereas others are based upon completely different or altered fundamental laws being difficult to even comprehend. This offers endless possibilities resulting in many challenging and ever-changing puzzles and jumping passages demanding both logic and dexterity to master.



21.02.2018 - Game currently being paused

Beyond the Split is currently being paused. Working on a secondary project has become the main focus due to the current state of VR and a few personal reasons. One is that it can be finished much faster to ensure better funding for all upcoming games and it is perfect as a portfolio entry offering new possibilities job-wise. For currently I am working 3 days a week as a Logistics-Worker to make a living while taking the other 2 days plus some weekends to work on games. Also a year abroad might be happening where it is easier to continue working on regular instead of VR games.